Outback Radian 4kw/8kw with 10kwh/20kwh storage

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Our flagship product use the highest quality modules with 25+ year warranties, Outback Power charge controllers & Radian inverters, and Energport Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. From a cost/benefit standpoint, the best price/values are for 4kw and 8kw systems. These all have 240v/120V input & output. To qualify for the PG&E rebate, the battery must be capable of 2 hours output at max power of system, so a 4kw system needs at least an 8kwh battery, 8kw needs 16kwh. We provide an extra 0.5 factor, increasing capacity to 10kwh and 20kwh for the 4kw and 8kw systems. We have these batteries custom made, and they mount in an 8″ deep steel case on the wall near the inverter.  A Battery Management System (BMS) monitors all the cells of the battery and keeps all cells balanced to within 0.02v.

With our “whole home” battery backup, in the event of power failure, the system quickly switches to the battery backup, typically for the entire home. The Radian systems also have the advantage of being able to handle brief power surges 2.5X their constant power output capability, so for example the 8kw Radian can burst 20kw. Once grid power returns, the system switches back to grid connection.

Excess power from your solar system can either be diverted to later use to the batteries, or dumped back to the grid for credit. Under new rules starting this year ratepayers pay a surcharge of roughly $0.02-$0.03/kwh for ANY power drawn from the grid, so it pays to store on the battery and use the battery source when possible.

Off-grid Systems

All our system are capable of operating off-grid. With careful use, they can be operated indefinitely off-grid. However, to receive the PG&E SGIP rebate, you must remain connected to the grid.

Powerwall 2.0

Call us for status updates on when they are available.

EV Car Chargers

We can provide EV car chargers for any type vehicle. A typical EV uses 250wh per mile, and here in CA a good rule of thumb is to use 1kw of additional solar modules for every 15 miles you average of daily commute.

Adding battery storage to existing solar systems

We can also retrofit existing solar systems with battery backup. Call us for an estimate.

Smartphone & small scale chargers

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