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Solar+Storage Products – for adding storage to existing solar go here

Pre-built Kits – Solar plus Battery Storage

These kits include solar modules, racking, pre-assembled inverter, charge controller and battery system, delivered on shipping pallets – almost everything needed for a complete home on-grid or off-grid power system. See specifications here. The solar modules are 320-330 watt 72 cell standard modules delivered as 12 units (4kw) or 24 units (8kw) on a separate pallet. The Custom Power Solar Energy Storage System on a second pallet. The solar module installation hardware (rails, L feet, clamps, etc) are in a third shipment. Please specify shingle install (L-feet mounting with flashing), or flat roof (ballast trays).

4kw Solar PV with 10kwh Battery Storage – Partially assembled Kit

List price $24,000
SGIP battery rebate $3,727
ITC – tax credit $7,200
Final Cost $13,073
Price per watt $3.30

8kw Solar PV with 20kwh Battery Storage – Partially assembled Kit

List price $37,000
SGIP battery rebate $7,454
ITC – tax credit $11,100
Final Cost $18,446
Price per watt $2.33

For a limited time, all systems will include a Clipper Creek HCS-60 11.5kw EV Charger at NO cost. Shipping cost not included. Does not include cost for additional subpanels or ATS if needed. Note SGIP rebate is available in California only, and some regions do not qualify. Federal Investment Tax Credit is available in all USA.

Parts NOT supplied but needed for kit installation includes – 1″ EMT conduit and fittings from roof combiner box to inverter. #6 gauge stranded wire, white/black/green needed. 1″ EMT Conduit, fittings and #6 gauge wire from inverter to main panel (green, white, and 4 black). 50A two pole breakers at main panel. Two conductor #24 shielded stranded cable from rapid shutdown to inverter, and inverter to combiner on roof. Additional ground rods/grounding may be required by city ordinance.

Notes: Modules are standard 72 cell modules, selected from our list of approved vendors with known high quality and 25+ year warranties.  All electronics and batteries are warranted by respective mfg for 10 years. Output is nominally 320-330 watts so peak DC power is 3.84-3.96 kw for 4 kw system, and 7.68-7.92 kw for 8kw systems. Output power changes with operating temperature, sun angle relative to modules, shading conditions, clouding and other environmental factors. You can use PVwatts to estimate the total annual power and monthly power generated for your location here. All systems include a separate lockable interior/exterior mount box with rapid shutdown emergency switch, which shuts off inverter & power from modules on the roof.

See datasheet here. 
Additional documentation here